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What we offer:

  • 30 Hour Internet Program
  • 30 Hour Permit Class (15-17 years only)
  • Teen Driving Lessons (15-17 years only)
  • Online Scheduling
  • Drive Tests (Appointment required - English only)
  • Permit Tests Free ($30 for non 1st Drive Students)

Why choose 1st Drive:

  • Smaller Classes (32 max)
  • Teen Driving Lessons (Only 1 student at a time)
  • 90 minute and 2 Hour Lesson Options*
  • Convenient pickup locations in Colorado Springs, Monument and Falcon
  • BBB Rating - A+


Parent Orientation

(Attendance required if their teen is registered for a 30 Hour driver's education class)

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 Driving Lesson Information

* Prior to purchasing lessons, please call the office at 719-570-0700 for instructor availability and pickup locations.

Driving lessons will incur a 2.2% fuel surcharge.


 Drive Test Icy and Snow Packed Roads Policy

1st Drive's vehicle WILL NOT be available when the roads are icy or snow packed.



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Schedule a Drive Test
(All Others)

This option is available to anyone who has a valid permit. Note: Minors must be at least 16 years old and have held their permits for at least 12 months. Click the button below to schedule the test.

Schedule a Drive Test
(1st Drive Students ONLY!)

This option is available only to 1st Drive students that have completed at least six (6) hours of behind-the-wheel lessons with a 1st Drive instructor. Click the button below to schedule the test.

Schedule a Permit Test
(1st Drive Students Free)

Permit test is free to those 1st Drive students who have completed a 30 hour class or Home Study program. Click the button below to schedule the test.


"1st Drive LLC is not an agency of and does not represent the Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicle.  Curriculum and testing approved and regulated by the Division of Motor Vehicle."