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Revised:  10/31/2023

  • Parent agrees to complete a driving lessons agreement prior to the 1st lesson or at the time of purchase
  • Parent agrees to contact 1st Drive to get their teen scheduled for driving lessons. (1st Drive will not call you to get these lessons scheduled).
  • Parent agrees to schedule lessons only after their teen receives their permit and has had at least 2 hours of driving practice
  • Parent agrees that their teen must complete their driving lessons within 12 months of them receiving their permit or pay for new lessons at the current fees
  • Parent agrees that there are no refunds after 30 days of their teen receiving their permits
  • Parent agrees that lessons are scheduled on a “first called-first scheduled” basis
  • Parent agrees that lessons are scheduled at least 2 weeks apart and each session is no longer than 2 hours (1st Drive may cancel any appointment that doesn’t meet this guideline)
  • Parent agrees that 1st Drive’s busiest times of the year for driving lessons are during school breaks and federal holidays. Appointments must be made well in advanced of these peak times or student may be delayed in finishing their driving lessons.
  • Parent agrees that 1st Drive has the right to cancel any lesson for bad weather, car failures, other emergencies or the student is unable to learn, is too tired, has an attitude or has not taken their prescribed medicine
  • Parent agrees to notify 1st Drive at least 48 hours in advance of an appointment change
  • Parent agrees to pay an appointment cancelation fee of $50.00 if the student is more than 15 minutes late; does not show up; arrives without a valid learner’s permit; is under the influence of any drugs or alcohol; drowsy; is not dressed appropriately or otherwise not fit to drive legally/safely. After the 3rd missed appointment, the student will be dropped from the program and all payments made will be forfeited. (Cancelation fees will be paid directly to 1st Drive prior to the next lesson).
  • Parent agrees to pay a 2.2% fuel surcharge at the time of purchase
  • Parent that has a teen (under 18) with a non-Colorado permit, agrees to pre-register their student at and provide the pre-registration number to 1st Drive
  • Student agrees to be available each appointment for up to 15 minutes passed the scheduled time (this allows for issues such as weather changes, emergencies, mechanical issues, traffic, etc.)
  • Student agrees to not use a cell phone or other electronic device when the vehicle is in motion and it must be off, muted, or in airplane mode
  • Student agrees to not eat or drink when the vehicle is in motion
  • Student agrees to dress appropriately. The following are not permitted:  bare feet, flip flops, crocs, slippers, snow boots, cowboy boots, hard soled shoes, high heels, sandals, gloves, bulky coats, miniskirts, underwear showing, provocative clothing, or other attire the driving instructor finds offensive or inappropriate.
  • Student agrees that smoking or vaping is not permitted during the lesson
  • Student agrees to be respectful at all times and will refrain from inappropriate language
  • Student wishing to drive with another student must have a completed and signed “Passenger Waiver of Liability”. This form can be downloaded and printed from:
  • Student agrees to come prepared and be on time for driving instruction (i.e. permit, glasses, sun glasses, appropriate foot wear, etc.)
  • Due to allergies and the confined space of the car, student agrees to not smell of excessive body odor, cologne, perfume, cigarette smoke, etc.