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Revised:  09/27/2018

  • Parent/Guardian understands there are no refunds after the student starts the 1st day of class
  • Parent/Guardian must pre-register their student at https://mydmv.colorado.gov/ no later than start of 1st day of class and provide the pre-registration number to 1st Drive
  • Parent/Guardian agrees that if their student misses more than 6 ½ hours of class time that they will be dropped from the class then enrolled in the Home Study program
  • Parent/Guardian/Student agrees that skate boards are not allowed on school property
  • Student will bring something to write with each day
  • Student will bring lunch or lunch money (1st Drive will not be responsible for any injuries to the student leaving the school property to go get lunch, snacks or drinks)
  • Student will be allowed two-15 minute breaks and one-30 minute lunch each day (there is no lunch break on the last day of class)
  • Student will not write on the tables, chairs, walls, bathrooms, etc.
  • Student will not rock in the chairs
  • Student will pick up after themselves and use the garbage cans for their trash
  • Student will be respectful to the instructor, 1st Drive staff, and other students at all times
  • Student will be allowed to use their cell phones or other electronic devices during breaks
  • Student must remove their sunglasses while in class
  • Student will not harass other students
  • Student will not smoke anywhere on the property
  • Student will dress appropriately at all times
  • Student will be charged $10 for a replacement 1st Drive Workbook and $5 for a replacement Colorado Driver Handbook
  • Student will refrain from inappropriate language
  • Student will be allowed to eat and/or drink while in class (drinks must have a lid or cap)
  • Student agrees to complete any missing work at home (can’t exceed 6 ½ hours)
  • Student must record 30 hours of work on the Student Attendance Record or will not receive the Classroom Completion Certificate
  • Students must be within 30 days of their 15th birthday or older and have a photo ID to be eligible for the permit test