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Revised:  10/31/2023


  • Parent agrees that there are no refunds after 2 days of purchasing the internet program
  • Parent agrees that pre-registration is required and must pre-register their student at https://mydmv.colorado.gov/ and provide the pre-registration number to 1st Drive prior to receiving the student’s user name and password
  • Parent will provide a unique email address for each student when purchasing
  • Parent and Student agrees that access to the internet program is restricted to the parent and student only
  • Parent understands that the internet program will be completed within 6 months of the purchased date or will be required to repurchase the program.
  • Student understands that the internet program is 30 hours long and they must pass each chapter quiz with an 80% grade or higher.
  • Student understands this is an internet program (the work book and Colorado Driver Manual are accessible “on-line”).
  • Student agrees that he/she must pass a final exam with an 80% or higher
  • After passing the final exam, the Student or Parent agrees to contact 1st Drive to schedule the permit test.
  • Once the internet program has been completed, the Parent and Student understand that the internet program completion certificate expires 6 months from the completion date. This means that the student must get their permits prior to the expiration date or will have to redo the program.